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About Us

Background and Achievements

About Us

Rooftops Canada is building homes and communities around the world.

Rooftops Canada was launched in late 1984 as the international program of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. It now also represents the five other national and provincial co-op and social housing organizations. Together, our partners own and manage most of the 650,000 non-profit housing units across Canada.
We are proud to have worked with many innovative and resourceful Canadian and overseas partners, helping to provide and improve housing conditions in 38 countries.
There is still so much to do, and our mission is the same now as it was then. We continue to support country-led housing initiatives that help disadvantaged communities get decent and affordable housing.
Since 1984, Rooftops Canada and its partners have improved the lives of thousands of families. We have:
  • Assisted hundreds of housing groups around the globe to work together and learn from one another while promoting gender equality and human rights.
  • Leveraged funds to build and upgrade housing and basic services, including over $110 million for housing activities in South Africa alone.
  • Helped create thousands of jobs in housing-related activities.
  • Worked with African partners to pioneer housing-linked responses to HIV and AIDS and related national and global advocacy programs.
  • Launched a housing microfinance program in sub-Saharan Africa which is building capacity and providing housing loans in several countries.
  • Influenced housing policies and programs in many countries, including developing the first post-Soviet municipal housing policy in the Baltics.
  • Assisted and managed post-disaster housing programs in Rwanda, Turkey, Central America and Indonesia.  
Rooftops Canada has represented civil society on numerous Canadian delegations to UN conferences. It has also engaged thousands of Canadians to support housing organizations around the world.
From 1984-2012, Rooftops Canada:
  • Mobilized over $30 million to support housing projects and programs with overseas partners.
  • Helped build local capacity by providing over 370 technical advisors in 36 countries.
  • Supported over 280 visitors to Canada from 21 countries.