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News Update

News and Resources

Equal Spaces - Social Housing to End Spatial Apartheid in South Africa


Equal Spaces is making great strides in laying the groundwork for 3,700 social housing units for low and moderate income families. We are also helping to embed gender equality in the social housing sector. Local teams are preparing tools and education materials to promote working together to improve security -- and to prevent gender-based violence in social housing projects. Community connections are being strengthened with support organizations in Cape Town, Johannesburg and eThekwini (Durban) Metros.


Equal Spaces and the National Association of Social Housing Organizations will also engage social housing groups country-wide to improve community safety and reduce violence against women. An online catalogue of women-focused social, community and economic development activities linked to social housing, will soon be available to everyone.


By the end of 2019 we will also have a national pilot program in place to support the development of eight new and much needed social housing institutions with about 200 units each.


Women’s Spaces: Equal Rights to Land, Housing and Livelihoods


Many Sub-Saharan African countries have constitutions guaranteeing equal rights for women to access land and housing where they carry out their livelihoods, but widespread discrimination remains a barrier. Real progress requires changes in attitudes and practices of local and national governments. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we have submitted a major funding proposal to Global Affairs Canada, to engage decision makers in Angola, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda to “walk the talk” when it comes to women’s rights. If approved, the project will be active from 2020 to 2025.


Home Loans in Kenya


Rooftops Canada has supported innovative revolving loan programs with the National Cooperative Housing Union of Kenya (NACHU) since 2011, allowing hundreds of families to buy land and start building core houses. In 2019, we will work with NACHU to set up a new fund to provide construction finance to housing co-ops.


This type of lending is very hard to secure in Kenya, and the revolving loans will provide long term support. An original contribution of $200,000 will leverage $1,000,000 – enough for 100 houses each time it recycles every 18 months or so.


PHOTO -- The Rooftops Canada Mark Goldblatt fund provides loans to housing co-ops in Kenya for small water systems.



Thanks to Jo Ferris-Davies, Welcome Steve Floros


Jo Ferris-Davies completed her two year contract as a Technical Advisor with the Equal Spaces Project in November and returned to Canada. She played a key role applying her considerable experience to assisting the South African social housing movement. Our new TA, Steve Floros, landed in Johannesburg in early September for a one year stay. Jo and Steve worked together during the change-over with projects going at full-speed.


Volunteering with Rooftops Canada


Rooftops Canada volunteers contribute to our outreach work, leading workshops and presentations at our events, local fundraising efforts, and hosting overseas visitors. Please contact us at info@rooftops.ca   for more information about volunteering with Rooftops Canada.  


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