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Programs and Partners

Zimbabwe has suffered through many years of political violence and economic turmoil. Most Zimbabweans that live in cities and towns are still homeless and living in poverty. Fortunately, there are civil society organizations such as Rooftops Canada’s partner, the Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO), which are building momentum for real and lasting change.  

ZINAHCO is an umbrella organization made up of over 125 housing cooperatives with 6,551 active members. Through these cooperatives, ZINAHCO’s work on community development, land, housing and basic services reaches over 25,000 people.  Rooftops Canada’s focus is to increase ZINAHCO's capacity to assist member organizations, and help local women and families gain access to land, services and small loans for cement, bricks and other construction materials to build houses. These loans are then paid back and reinvested in the community so that the construction process can continue. Rooftops Canada has also been helping ZINAHCO respond the HIV and AIDS crisis which is severely affecting housing co-op members.
We hope that the progress made by ZINAHCO will stimulate political will for change while providing the shelter so many families are desperately seeking.
Rooftops Canada is helping ZINAHCO to scale up its operations by providing technical assistance and funding in partnership with the Swedish Cooperative Centre. This support has led to significant funding from the Community Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF) through a UK based organization, Homeless International. This will allow ZINAHCO to increase its lending activities and support the efforts of housing cooperatives in seven cities which have managed to acquire land for housing. 
Ongoing Rooftops Canada capacity building support will enable ZINAHCO to expand its housing delivery program, and increase its ability to influence policy and housing practice in Zimbabwe.


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