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Zimbabwe Campaign

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 In 2005, many Rooftops Canada supporters wrote letters protesting evictions in Zimbabwe that left over 700,000 people homeless. This international pressure helped stop the first wave of evictions, but in the lead-up to the disputed election on June 27, 2008 the humanitarian crisis resurfaced and many of the same people were again victimized.


Zimbabweans still need your support! Evictions are still taking place. Supporters of the “ruling party” are also killing, beating and displacing people, and torching houses.

A few days before the presidential runoff, attacks on Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters became so violent that Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition party was forced to pull out of the race. Without an opposition, observers from the Southern African Development Community declared the election to be neither free nor fair. The UN Security Council condemned the conduct of the presidential election and G8 leaders called to impose full sanctions on Zimbabwe. These institutions have yet to take concrete action against the undemocratically elected government. But in response to international pressure, the Mugabe regime has engaged in talks with the MDC that will hopefully lead to a coalition and transitional government.


In the mean time, the Zimbabwean government suspended field operations by all non-government organizations (NGOs).  This has increased food insecurity in Zimbabwe and exposed millions of people to starvation. The suffering caused by evicitons and violence is also having a severe negative impact on people living with HIV and AIDS. A distressed Zimbabwean woman said this about the situation on the ground:


We are facing a very difficult time. Price increases of hardly available goods are happening daily, and there is more violence than ever been seen here in Zimbabwe. It is affecting urban and rural areas, and private hospitals are always overflowing. Some people have died terrible, violent deaths. It’s depressing now, especially the level of uncertainty and suffering that people are experiencing on daily basis. Some people who have AIDS have succumbed to death faster than they are supposed to.


Rooftops Canada is working closely with its partners in Zimbabwe to respond to the humanitarian crisis. We are also members of the Zimbabwe Reference Group which is made up of Canadian civil society organizations. The Group is actively engaged with both the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Canadian International Development Agency to find the best ways to respond to the crisis in Zimbabwe.


What Can You Do?


1. Increase the pressure!
Help stop forced evictions and other human rights abuses by putting pressure on SADC and African Union governments to take a stronger stand against the regime in Zimbabwe. Send a letter to the SADC and AU Foreign Embassies.


2. Support Rooftops Canada programs in Zimbabwe.
You can help by donating to Rooftops Canada, dedicating your support to programs in Zimbabwe.


3. Pass on the information.
Copy and distribute this information update. Help organize an information session. Get your workplace, school, friends and family involved. Click here to preview the Operation Murambatsvina video about the 2005 evictions on YouTube. You can also contact us at info@rooftops.ca to receive a free complete version of the 12 minute DVD to show to groups interested in housing rights and humanitarian issues. We can also provide you with a PowerPoint presentation on Zimbabwe.


4. Stay involved.
Join the Rooftops Canada Facebook Group, sign up for our monthly e-bulletin and keep up to date on the latest news.


Contact us for more information. 


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