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Rooftops Canada is looking for someone who is passionate about housing and international development to serve on its Board of Directors to represent the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, West and the Territories. This position will start in December 2018 for at least a three-year term. Candidates must live and/or work in a CHF Canada co-op housing member or associate member organization. Rooftops Canada is committed to a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of those in the co-op housing sector including people of colour, people living with disabilities, aboriginal people and youth.


If you are interested, please submit a covering letter and resume by 28 September 2018 to barry@rooftops.ca. Please provide information about your:

·         Experience in co-op housing, social housing and/or other relevant social justice movements in Canada.

·         Experience and/or interest in developing countries and global education.

·         Interest and/or experience in working with Rooftops Canada.

·         Ability to fulfil the Board members job description as follows:


1.     Basic Function: To participate with other Directors in directing the affairs of Rooftops Canada guided by the Act of Incorporation, By-Laws and Policies so that Rooftops Canada achieves its objects and mission.


2.     Duties and Responsibilities: To commit the necessary time to fulfil the following duties and responsibilities with other Board members, including participation in at least three Board meetings per year (at least two of which are face-to-face) over a normal term of three years on the Board which can be renewed for a second consecutive term:

2.1     Establishing overall objectives and policies for Rooftops Canada and recommending any By-Law amendments.

2.2     Establishing and appointing Board members and committees with clear responsibilities.

2.3     Approving and periodically reviewing the organizational structure.

2.4     Determining job descriptions, hiring and personnel policies.

2.5     Review and approve major plans, programs, projects and budgets.

2.6     Monitoring and evaluating Rooftops Canada’s performance in achieving its goals and objectives.

2.7     Overseeing the implementation of Rooftops Canada’s current resource development, fundraising and communications plans.

2.8     Playing a leadership role in reaching out to corporate, foundation and other donors and funding partners; and, recruiting volunteers to assist with fundraising and communications.

2.09   Considering applications for membership and appointing delegates to other organizations.

2.10   Working in the Director’s region and CHF Canada to promote Rooftops Canada among housing co-ops, non-profits housing groups and other relevant organizations by assisting with implementation of its Canadian based programs including: participation in local networks or committees, information sharing, fundraising, development of organizational linkages, supporting study visits and exchanges with overseas partners, and other support activities. (For example, in BC, this would include working with BCNPHA.)

2.11   Assisting with reporting back to their nominating organizations and/or regions and informing Rooftops Canada Board and staff of relevant issues and events.


Board Recruitment CHFC West 2018






Ambassador/Volunteer Tool Kit:


Help us spread the message by engaging Canadians and tell stories of those whose lives have been enriched by our work. Below is a list of downloadable materials.


Rooftops Canada Ambassador Guide-Master
 - one page.pdf      

Rooftops Canada Ambassador Guide-Master File-pdf    


Rooftops Canada Ambassadors-Master Slide Deck -pdf 

Rooftops Canada Ambassadors-Master Slide Deck -pptx       


Rooftops Canada Ambassadors-Master Speaker Notes -pdf       

Rooftops Canada Ambassadors-Master Story Narratives -pdf     


Rooftops Canada Evaluation-Template - Public Engagement- xls




There are lots of ways to get involved with Rooftops Canada:


"I have been involved with Rooftops Canada/Abri International for several years, as both a Board Member and as a volunteer. It is very satisfying to work for an organization that is both a recognized leader in global housing development, and a cost-effective agency. I lived and worked in Africa for two years early in my career, so I know what a large difference Rooftops Canada’s program can make to the lives of people in Africa".  
Deryl Thompson - Volunteer

  • Join your local Rooftops Canada volunteer network.
  • Help out with Rooftops Canada displays at housing events.
  • Organize a local fundraising event - silent auctions, sales, sports events.
  • Help host and meet visitors from our overseas partner organizations.
  • Inform others about Rooftops Canada and ongoing action campaigns.
  • Sign and distribute action letters. 
  • Help out in our Toronto office.

Contact us to join our volunteer network.


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